Thursday, December 29, 2016


Here is KL Polish Zoey:
I can't say I'm totally in love with it , but it's a nice color. I just am not a massive fan of cremes. I need to find a glitter color I can pair it with or something, I guess.

I talked about the Kathleen Lights' KL Polish a while back when they officially opened, in early December. I hadn't ordered anything at the time, and I wasn't sure if I was going to. But I kept checking, and Zoey was still in stock, and after a while I caved in and ordered it. (I was sort of glad later that I had, because the last time I looked it had sold out.) (I just looked and now Caramello is sold out as well, not that I would have ordered it since it's totally not a color that would look good on me.)

Zoey came well-packaged, with this little packet inside an envelope:
Everything was well-padded and in perfect shape. I heard some stories about shipping fails, especially during the pre-order period, but as I said, I didn't order then, I waited until later, and I guess meanwhile they must have worked those problems out, because it came very promptly.

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