Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sparkling Garbage

This is Orly Sparkling Garbage:
This is from the Mash Up collection, a couple of years ago - it's a pale green microglitter. You can maybe get it to something resembling opaqueness if you were really patient - but it's really a topper. I put it on top of the Zoyas (Olivera and Merida) just as an experiment - that's the two above it, it's just on the tips, there, and then at the bottom that's it on the whole nail over Jet Set Jade, which is the polish you can see at the far left. I do really like this a lot. I remember seeing some swatches I really liked when it first came out, but then I kind of forgot about it until lately. I looked on Amazon and it was there (a bit to my surprise) so here it is. I don't believe it's a current color, but obviously it is still findable.

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