Saturday, December 10, 2016


This is Square Hue Parizska:
This is from the Square Hue Prague collection, back in late 2014. The whole collection is here (scroll down a bit for that). This is a fun polish, charcoal-gray with a pretty heavy scattering of silver glitter. I loved it when I first got it but I haven't actually gotten around to wearing it much.

(I may "only" have 600-odd polishes - which is peanuts compared to really serious polish people - but that's still enough to go nearly two years without repeating even if I changed my polish every day, which I don't. So unfortunately I just can't get around to wearing everything. I started this project with the stated goal of using it to destash, but so far I really haven't destashed much. I'm going to have to circle back around to that part of the project eventually. Not that Parizska would be likely to be on the destash list in any case, but destashing other things might mean I'd get around to wearing it a little sooner!)

As far as availability, well, as I've said repeatedly, all Square Hue polishes are LE. I have been linking to Square Hue's single polish page for some polishes, but they've redone the website in the past couple of weeks and that page seems to have disappeared. I haven't gotten around to testing one of my old links to see if it still works, I'll have to try that! (Added: the answer is no, they don't work any more. They just give you a broken link, or at least the one I tried did.) (The good news is that they've gone a lot more flexible with their subscriptions. They announce the colors a month ahead of time and you can choose to buy all three or pick from any two, or you can choose to skip that month. I haven't resubscribed yet but that flexibility makes it more likely that I will resubscribe at some point, for sure.)

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