Monday, December 5, 2016

Yule Light Up My Life

This is Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life:
I was planning to wait until later in December to show my Christmas-themed glitters, but it occurred to me that a couple of them are still available and maybe somebody would be interested in having those, so instead I'm putting them up while it's still early enough that you could order them and hopefully actually get them in time to wear them this year. Yule Light Up My Life is still available from Serum No 5, and here is the description on the website:
Yule Light Up My Life with this rainbow glitter that glows like Christmas lights. Please note that due to the nature of the glow pigments used, this polish may have a matte or textured finish, but top coat can be applied without affecting the glow.
My bottle is about three years old, I believe, and has been thinned out a bit. I think it's about half-full or a little more, but you can see the basic glitter mix just fine. It's big pieces mixed with smaller ones, and while red and green predominate, they're not the only colors in the mix. My swatches are not the greatest, here, but this is a really pretty polish - there are better swatches on the page linked above. (Added: here's an old one that I found.) (Serum No 5 also seems to have some other holiday polishes, incidentally, so poke around while you're there!)

(This is not a sponsored post, for the record.)

(Also note that this polish was in my 2014 favorites.)

I did a post early this year that showed most of my holiday-themed polishes. The most similar one to Yule Light Up My Life is the one you may have noticed on the swatches above, Pahlish's Yuletide Treasures:
They don't look all that much alike in the bottles but they do look pretty similar on the nail. It's hard to read my writing on this wheel but I think that Yuletide Treasures is below Yule Light Up My Life, and Yuletide Treasures is also the one that's on the end of the green nail. However, Yuletide Treasures is no longer available, to my knowledge. It was one of Pahlish's monthly duos along with a forest-green polish, Boughs Of Holly.

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