Monday, December 12, 2016

Black Friday Zoyas

As I mentioned before, I "restrained" myself (relatively speaking) and only bought four polishes from Zoya's Black Friday sale:
(L-R) Merida, Dream, Alice, Olivera

Yeah, I'm like the only person left who didn't already have Dream, right? (OK, probably not really.) I only bought Aurora in the last year or so, so I was pretty resistant to the Zoya holos for a long time. Apparently now I am all in on those. (Added: I checked; it was in January that I got Aurora.)

I'm unclear about how much of it will actually show up on the nail, but Olivera is a pretty wild duochrome, with a blue base and purple/green shift, as I understand it:

Here are the two holos: first Merida, which was from the fall Urban Grunge collection:
It looks fabulous. And then Dream, which is not as dark as I expected:
It took three coats to even get it this dark. You can see at the base of the nail that it was pretty pale before that.

And last (only because I've already worn it and shown it in a NOTD post), Alice, which is the Pixie Dust:
It's definitely on the blue-violet side, but mostly in real life it looked darker than what I'm seeing on this monitor. It even looked gray in some lights, although it doesn't actually have any noticeable gray in it.

Anyway, I'm very happy with my choices. I do kind of wish I'd gone ahead and bought Saint from the holiday collection as well, though - that's my only regret about this.

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