Wednesday, December 14, 2016


This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise:
This is one of the first two RBL polishes I bought, and I'm pretty sure I paid full price for them, which at the time was about $18 each. I remember trying to figure out what to buy, and I like red and this had lots of good reviews, so I bought it. I remember thinking, lacquer-red, I'll love it. But the problem is, RBL or not, lacquer-red or not, it's just a red, in the end, about like any other red. Actually I like it less than some of my other reds - I assume that has to do with the undertones. I'm really not sure about the undertones, either, though - on the whole it looks pretty neutral. I suspect it's ever-so-slightly warm-toned and that's partly why I don't love it so much. And of course it's a creme and I just don't love cremes, either. (I had to learn this the hard way, at $18 a bottle.)

Availability: not likely to be available unless a bottle pops up on eBay. RBL is out of business.

Added: I talked about this way back in February - I did a big post about reds, because (I said, and it's the name of the entry) red is red. And well, that's true, to a point, and yet it's not quite as true as I thought, really. Here I am in December, talking about reds again. (I'm still squinting at this polish, going "Is it a tomato red?" and I'm still not sure. The fact that I look at it on my nails and say "meh" is still really the only thing that leads me to believe that it is.)

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