Thursday, November 3, 2016

NOTD: Aster + sugar skulls

This was another one of my very-late-night manicures where I'm not 100% sure what I actually did:
Luckily it came out pretty cute just the same. I was really considering doing "skittles" with a variety of colors, but the fact is I don't own that many polishes that are light enough to let the decals show up well. Honestly I don't think they show up as well as they could on Aster, either, but I think part of the problem may just be that these are very small decals and while you can see that I've got something on, unless you look close it's hard to tell what it is.

So anyway, I waited 'til late to start fiddling with this in the first place, and by the time I gave up on the skittles idea it was even later. I finally just grabbed Zoya Aster, and used that for a base. And - this is the part I'm unsure about - I know I added something else on top of Aster, but what? not sure. It was either Zoya Leia or Sinful Colors Purple Diamond, but I am honestly not at all sure which one. I think it was probably Leia because it made it a little paler and it shimmers pink. But I can't swear to anything except that it's Aster as a base.*

Luckily, also, I've done the NailThins enough times now that that part (i.e., applying the skulls) didn't take too long, once I finally got to that point. I did them on four fingers and it wasn't bad, even though I dropped a couple and with stickers this tiny they're almost invisible on the carpet.  I went through about six stickers to get four on my nails because of that - but I did get it done, and then all I had to do was slap on topcoat and I was done.

* For the record, because I do remember this part: I used Nailkale base-coat and Butter London PDQ top-coat.

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