Friday, November 11, 2016

City Of Ashes, Luna

This is Esmaltes da Kelly City of Ashes and Zoya Luna:
These are not anything alike, but I think I didn't really have anything much like City Of Ashes so Luna just got randomly stuck next to it. Or maybe it wasn't so random, actually, because now that I think about it you can describe these in the same way: they're both silver glitter in a gray base. They're just not at all the same gray - or even the same glitter. City of Ashes is fairly large silver glitter in a medium-gray base. Luna is silver microglitter in a pale gray base, like, dove-gray. You can't really see it in this picture because all you can see is the glitter, but I swear, the base is gray. It's not on Zoya's website any more because it's discontinued, so I can't point to it there - let's see, here's The Swatchaholic, looks like you can see the gray there, a bit better. This was from the utterly insane UltraGlitter collection, way back in 2009 - that was before I discovered Zoya, myself. But you could still get these a couple of years later when I finally did, and I wish I'd gotten at least one more of them, really. Luna is really awesome jelly sandwich material, that's my favorite thing to do with it.

Esmaltes da Kelly is a Brazilian indie, I believe - you can get some of her polishes on Color4Nails, but not this one. At the time I bought it I didn't even really know what the hell it was, but Llarowe was having a sale and I was like, oh, what the heck. It doesn't even say the brand name on it, and I wasn't paying that much attention when I threw it in my cart, so I had to puzzle that part out later on. Since everything about it is in (what I assume is) Portuguese, I'm not 100% sure what the name refers to, either, and Google Translate is not much help. But the only City of Ashes I know of is the Cassie Clare book, so that's what it's named after in my head, anyway.

Added: I went on at some length about COA being a "mystery" in this post back when I first got it.

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