Sunday, November 20, 2016

Big City Dazzle

This is NYC In a NYC Minute Big City Dazzle:

The light-colored swatch is three coats of Big City Dazzle by itself, although it says on the bottle it's meant to be a top-coat. It's not something that's ever likely to be truly opaque, that's for sure. Below that is two coats over Colorstay Rich Raspberry. This is just what it says on the bottle, really, a sparkle top-coat - it's basically multicolored, although pink seems to dominate if you look at the bottle.

There are a lot of polishes in this line, but I don't see Big City Dazzle listed. (Also, I said I wasn't sure where you bought NYC these days, but it's apparently available at both Walmart and Target - and Duane Reade, although that's not a store we have in these parts.)

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