Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pink Sizzle, Rich Raspberry

This is L.A. Colors Pink Sizzle and Colorstay (Longwear) Rich Raspberry:
I notice that you can see an orange clearance sticker on the side of the Colorstay bottle - I think I probably bought this at Big Lots when they were closing them out. It's a very bright fuchsia (or berry) creme. Then we have Pink Sizzle, which is a slightly more muted berry color with shimmer. It's one of only a couple of L.A.Colors polishes I own - or rather only a couple unless you count all of those little unlabeled mini polishes I have, which I suspect are also L.A.Colors. (I have a matching mini for the other one - Jewel Tone is the label on the one that does have a label - but not for this one.)

I'm pretty sure I bought Pink Sizzle at Family Dollar for $1, but the Family Dollar by me closed so I don't know if they still carry these. I suspect that even if not you can find them around somewhere.

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