Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This is OPI German-icure:
Mine is a mini, another one of those unlabeled ones from the Take Ten set some years ago. I was poking around to see if I had the punctuation right on this, and then I had to look two different places, because the first place I looked, PolishAholic's swatches look so different from mine that I wasn't sure I had it ID'd right! I thought it was brownish red, but her swatches look so much more red than mine that I was initially confused. But I guess it was just the lighting, because Scrangie's swatches do look more brown. It's definitely redder than Rich In Heart, which is above it on my wheel, but in my living room, anyway, it doesn't look completely red. (I've said in the past that the light in my living room is funky, but actually I've got daylight bulbs in here now and it's much improved.)

I believe that this is still an available polish, although I didn't go and check.

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