Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ruby Queen

This is NYC Ruby Queen, from the Crystal Couture collection:
This was a holiday collection maybe two years ago - it's pretty atypical for NYC and it got them a lot of attention at the time. I remember being kind of unconvinced, but I gradually snagged a couple of them anyway. But it is really pretty. It's a red jelly base and it has some purple glitter in it. Overall, it leans more pink than your average red glitter, although I guess if you put it over a red base it wouldn't be so obvious. My tick-marks run into the lettering and are a bit hard to decipher, but I think this is three coats on its own.

Here's Polish Insomniac's swatches of more of the collection. (I remember wanting the green one, I'm sorry I didn't ever get my hands on it. The only other one I have is the blue.)

Re availability: I was pretty sure these were LE, and when I looked on Amazon I didn't see any of these at all, which leads me to think they're pretty hard to find. You might have to go to eBay to have any hope of finding this one. (And I'm not sure it'd be worth paying a premium price for - at least, you'd have to be much more in love with it than I am!)

Added: I didn't notice when I was writing this that Ruby Queen looks awfully similar to what's supposed to be Poppy Fields, down at the bottom of the wheel in this picture. And... well, that caused me to realize that I screwed up. I posted an entry for Poppy Fields a day or two ago, and I'm wondering if I did that entry very late at night, actually, because now that I've looked at it, it's definitely not Poppy Fields. -- Note that this whole paragraph has no direct bearing on this entry. It's not that this is not Ruby Queen, it's only that that's not Poppy Fields at the bottom. I'm only mentioning it here because it's only just now that that I snapped to the screw-up. So if you happen to have noticed that the Poppy Fields entry has disappeared, that's why. It will reappear at some later time when it's fixed!

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