Thursday, November 24, 2016

Empties & replacements

Some of these are actual "empties" - but I still haven't gotten my head 100% around this concept of taking pictures of what you're throwing away, and so I sometimes don't remember in time, and I actually throw things away without taking pictures of them first. Oops, bad blogger! - So a couple of these are the (mostly more or less identical) things I bought to replace the empty ones, instead.

This one, for example - I still have my old bottle of this Bumble and Bumble hair primer (basically a leave-in conditioner). I stretched out the life of the old one by mixing Infusium in with the remaining B&B primer. I love the Bumble and Bumble stuff but it's very expensive. I finally gave in and bought a new one when Sephora had their VIB sale lately. And then I'm replacing old konjac sponges with these new ones.
I had an old Ecotools one that was several months old, and a Boscia one that I use on my face. These two are infused - the gray one with charcoal, like the Boscia one was, and the other one with clay.

This one is a replacement, because I love this stuff:
I think there are a couple of different formulas. As long as it's EverPure and it's a color care formula, I'm basically good.

This one is really old and I wouldn't mind having more of it but I don't think they make this stuff any more:
Or, huh, maybe they do. I'm pretty sure that this originally was a set just like the one in that link. I used up the perfume years ago - I bet this tube is ten years old or close to it. Until my skin got less oily in recent years I just didn't use much body lotion, but I did eventually use this up because it smells so awesome. If you've never heard of it, this is Clinique's holiday scent. I couldn't have told you what exactly it smelled of but the Nordstrom's page says mandarin, jasmine, and "deep woods" - I think I might have said it smelled like a Christmas tree with some other unidentified scents thrown in. I'm never good at figuring out what all the notes of scents are, but green scents and citrus scents are usually my very favorites so that does make sense. (I do love it but I'm not sure I want more enough to pay $57 for it.) Added: the Nordstrom link didn't work when I tried it just now, so here's a Clinique one. (And only $47 instead of $57! For the moment there's still a Black Friday special with an additional 25% off, as well. If shipping is reasonable I may cave in on that one, although I shouldn't.) This set was probably produced in pretty limited quantities so this might not be around too long at any price!

My cousin gave me a little gift bag of this brand, which I had never heard of:
This stuff smells heavenly - the scent is lemongrass & mint (I said I liked green smells, remember?) - I guess I should look and see if they have a Black Friday sale or something because the regular price ($10 for 8 oz.)  is a bit steep for my tastes.

Oh one more - I'd forgotten I had this until I found it stuck in with some of my other beauty stuff the other night. I have pretty serious claustrophobia issues and I don't love having a mask covering my face, but I don't completely freak out or anything, either. I was thinking I could cut it in half next time I have one and do upper and lower halves at different times, or something. But anyway, I did use it and I liked the formula of this one better than whatever I had last time - I want to say that was honey? I wanted something with moisturizing properties so this was perfect. And it did make my face feel really good.

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