Thursday, November 24, 2016

Unicorn Farts

This is Funky Fingers Unicorn Farts:
Given the things that people tend to say about unicorns these days - rainbows and glitter for all occasions, etc. - it seems like a logical extension of that that unicorns would fart glitter hexes in rainbow colors, right? Makes sense to me (at least for certain values of "sense"). Anyway, you can see the swatch with the sparse large hexes pointing down at the bottle. It's very bright and festive. When I first got this a couple of years ago, I remember having trouble with the hexes curling - or tacoing - but I dunno, maybe they've flattened out over time? Because I don't really notice that any more. I haven't worn this much, but I think it would be really pretty over the right base.

(I showed a bunch of holiday glitters back in January, with this one thrown in for good measure. The original pictures weren't great so I'm gradually going to be working new entries for those in during the next few weeks. This project may end up extending into 2017 but I'm really wanting to get as much of it in as I can in the remaining bit of 2016!)

Also, this is what I previously wrote about this (from here, because I'm trying to link up these things):
Unicorn Farts (Funky Fingers) - big bright-colored hexes - honestly I doubt I'll ever wear this but it was cheap - 3-for-$5, so that's, what, $1.66? - and it's pretty to look at (and the name is funny, which I have to admit was a factor). The reviews tend to bear me out on its basic unwearability, although the colors are really pretty..

(Ha - "the whole Unicorn secretion thing" - that's a quote from the review linked just above. Just poke around in the indie polish world, particularly; it really is a thing.)

(And I stuck a "fandom" tag on this because while it's not a fandom in the normal sense, I figured the whole unicorn thing taken as a whole amounts to a fandom.)

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