Sunday, November 27, 2016

Alexa Lace

NailsInc Alexa Lace is meant to actually look like lace:
It's matte glitter an an unusual shape. I guess it looks sort of lacy on the wheel, here, but I have yet to get it onto my nails in a way that satisfies me. (I see that this is two coats on the wheel, I'll have to remember that when I try it again.) I've tried it over darker and lighter colors - NailsInc recommended lighter and I have to say they are right about that, according to my experiments. Maybe I'll just try it over bare nails next time and see how that goes.

The only Alexa product I found still on NailsInc's website was this set with Alexa Hearts. (Given the prices I found on Amazon for the heart polish alone, that's a deal.) This was a collab with Alexa Chung, and the polishes were meant to mimic various fabrics. As with most all collabs, I would assume this one was LE - and the one box set is just the last remnant.

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