Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This is Zoya Paloma:
This is one of the three colors in the Gloss collection, which so far as I know are the only jelly polishes Zoya ever made. (The other ones are Katherine, above it on this wheel, and Frida, a teal.) Paloma has always been my favorite of the three, a bright berry color. It makes really gorgeous jelly sandwiches over a silver glitter, although it does take several coats to get bright enough to suit me. I didn't put any tick-marks to show number of coats on the wheel, but I think this has to be at least two coats and maybe three. (I was also comparing other jellies that are similar, so that's Houston We Have a Purple further above and also Are You Jelly? at the top, I believe - but those are only one coat of each.)

Availability; the Gloss polishes are all still available, I think: Paloma, Katherine, Frida

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