Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Silver Glitter, Idol

This is Barry M Silver Glitter and Square Hue Idol:
First of all, if it matters to you (because frankly all these polishes look pretty similar) the polish that's pointing at the bottles is not one of these polishes. The Barry M polish is above that one and Idol is below. I'm going to have to go back and take another look at these wheels and see if they look more distinguishable in person. Maybe I was going in order of coverage, because the silver glitter at the top of the wheel (which I think is one of my unlabeled minis) looks the sparsest and the Barry M looks pretty sparse too, and Luna, at the bottom looks like maybe it vies with Idol for being the heaviest coverage. (I'm planning on taking some new pictures tonight, so I'll look while I'm doing this and if I decide I was wrong about this I'll edit this and add in the new information.) (I did find Silver Glitter while I was poking around, but I didn't come across Idol. I believe that I was right that Silver Glitter is sparser than Luna, for sure, and probably Idol as well, I'd think. But it's not what I would call sparse, in general - only that it's not quite as glitter-packed as these others.)

The Barry M Silver Glitter, as I understand it, was an LE polish only available at Boots stores in the UK several years ago. I bought mine from somebody's blog sale, but presumably this is genuinely a hard-to-find polish, particularly in the US. And Idol is LE, as always with Square Hue.

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