Monday, November 7, 2016

Flagstone Rush, Fall Mood

This is Orly Flagstone Rush and Revlon Colorstay Fall Mood:
These are both metallics in fall tones. Flagstone Rush is one of a number of Orly metallics, and I've never figured out whether they all were released together or not. As far as the color is concerned, until I did all this swatching lately I would have said that it was a brown. But when you put it next to the browns, it's clearly more copper than brown. It might be fair to call it a darkened copper, since it's certainly not a bright copper color. (In my defense, I bought mine at the same time that I bought Rage, and it does look very brown next to Rage's rose-gold.) Fall Mood is closer to a copper-penny color, yet I'm not sure I'd call it that, either. To tell you the truth, "indeterminate fall-toned metallic" is what I'd be most inclined to call it - in other words, it's just what the name implies. If forced to pin it down more than that... well, I'm not sure I can pin it down, truly. It's somewhere in the range of lighter-brown/bronze/copper, how's that for wishy-washy?

Flagstone Rush is still a current color, I believe. Fall Mood is part of the "middle years" of Colorstay - there was the early Colorstay that came in two-packs with its own topcoat, which came in a very limited range of colors, then there was this version (which says "Longwear Nail Enamel" on the label), and then there was the current Gel Envy line. The last two both use the same shape of bottle so you have to look at the labeling (and/or the color names) to tell them apart. (Last time I looked, Gel Envy colors had sort of a gambling theme to their names, but I can't say I've paid much attention to them generally.) But anyway, the Longwear version of Colorstay is definitely discontinued. I bought this one at Big Lots and that was a couple of years ago, I think.

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