Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Don't Know Jacques, Gray Area

This is OPI You Don't Know Jacques (a mini) and Xtreme Wear Gray Area:
These are both taupe-ish grayed-out tans or browned-out grays or something like that. They're hard to pin down. I would say that both of these probably have slight purple tones to them as well. Clearly Gray Area is grayer and darker. It's one of those in-between colors - it looks pretty gray next to YDKJ but if you put it next to a "real" gray it looks much more tan. You Don't Know Jacques is just pretty much a darker version of a run-of-the-mill taupe, I'd say. I think it's a pretty color but I also think it's overhyped. (Also, I notice that a lot of people on MUA complain about it being streaky.)

I hate that OPI doesn't put labels on their minis - that's why I have a big green dot label on mine. But I got a 10-polish set of minis in classic OPI colors (it was called Take 10, several years ago now), and by process of elimination - because it's certainly not Big Apple Red or Bubble Bath or Cajun Shrimp - I know that this one has to be You Don't Know Jacques. But honestly, OPI, how much would it cost you just to put a label on the damn thing?

(This is at least the second time lately I've said snippy things about OPI and I hope it doesn't lead you to think I hate OPI, because I don't. I just don't quite understand the overwhelming love for them, either. I think that part of the problem is that I have weird nails that don't hold polish well, apparently, and so I don't get the kind of good wear from a lot of the well-known brands that other people do. It's just one of those things.)

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