Sunday, November 13, 2016


This is a set from The New Black. The set as a whole is called Graffiti although the individual polishes don't seem to have separate names. I numbered them and stuck labels on them so that some day when they all get separated I'll have a hope of remembering what the heck these are!
I experimented around with combining them in different ways on the wheel. Basically, you've got a black, a dark gray glitter, a lighter gray, a metallic silver, and a glittery silver top-coat, so presumably the idea is that you might layer these.
I have to say I wouldn't have bought this if it hadn't been on sale, and it's one of those things that in retrospect might not have been that great a deal even on sale. As you've been seeing in recent days, I have things that are similar to most of these already. (Black - check. Metallic - check, Silver glitter - check. The two gray ones, the ones I numbered 2 and 3, are the only ones that might be much different from things I already have, and I'm not even sure about those.

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