Friday, November 4, 2016

Johnston Canyon, Charlotte

This is Square Hue Johnston Canyon and Zoya Charlotte:
It's probably significant that both of these polishes came in sets, and that's because these are colors I would never ever buy. I'm not a fan of pale colors or especially of beige colors, and these are, well, very beige, and very pale. If I am going to wear neutrals they're generally going to be much more gray or brown than this. I don't really like this kind of color much and more importantly to me, it just doesn't look good on me. That's not to say I will never ever wear these, but if I do it will probably be for layering or something. But I've had Charlotte for well over a year, I believe, and Johnston Canyon for nearly a year, and I've never actually worn either of them.

As far as comparing the two, I believe Johnston Canyon is slightly paler and it's a creme, and Charlotte is much more shimmery.)\

Johnston Canyon was part of the first set in the Square Hue Adventure Collection, the January box earlier this year. (The theme that month was "Hike Banff.") The Zoya was from a "mystery box" trio of minis which you got for free when you bought... something or other that I don't remember now. What I do remember is that there was much shrieking when people saw these boxes. I was not the only one that thought they were boring, not by far. I think, though, that they were actually designer colors originally created for a fashion show, for what that's worth.

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