Saturday, November 12, 2016

Is That Silva?

This is OPI Is That Silva? - which is a magnetic polish from the Skyfall collection. (The other polish in this picture is Trailer Trash, which has already been discussed.)
I don't know where my magnets for all my magnetic polishes are, but there's a picture of Is That Silva used with the magnet that actually came with it somewhere on this blog, and I'll try to track it down and add it here. Here we go:
(that was easy, it popped up right towards the top of all my old pictures when I looked). Honestly, of all the magnetics I've tried, this is the one I've had the best luck with - pretty much the only one I've really gotten to come out looking like it was meant to, I'd say. But this polish may be difficult to find since that movie was, what, four years ago, and this wasn't a really widely-distributed polish at the time, either. (I didn't see it on Amazon just now when I looked.)

Here's an entry where I was talking about the polish and how I applied it. This is the entry where the picture originally was, although I don't talk much more about it there, really.

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