Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sephora Play for November

First of all, I updated my running list of items in all my past Sephora boxes, which is here. I'm not going to repeat the exact line-up of items here.

I always feel this compulsion to put up the pictures of my box online before the end of the month - although I don't know what difference it makes, really. To my knowledge there's no way to go back and order a box later on; you have to be subscribed before the beginning of the month anyway - so it's not like if you act fast, you can still get this box. You can't - you can order individual items, of course,  and you can subscribe to future boxes, but as far as I know, there's no way to get this box. But hey, I'm making my end of the month mental deadline - by an hour or two, at least!

Anyway... the bags for these keep getting cuter and cuter:

And here are the items:
I do have a gripe with Caudalie that I have to get out of my system. I've gotten two Caudalie items in the past few months and both of them have been in a container that wasn't nearly full. Presumably that's deliberate, but I don't like it and I can't imagine that I'm the only person who feels this way. It makes you (a) think you're getting more product than you actually are and/or (b) think you've gotten a defective package. I know you're actually not paying much for these samples (at $10 including shipping for six items, it's well under $2 each) and I know Caudalie stuff is expensive, but I feel like they need to use packaging that fits the amount of product that's inside. It seems... amateurish, not to. That aside, Caudalie products seem awesome and I would consider buying them if they seemed to be a little more in my price-range. (This product is $39 for 1.3 ounces, Sephora's website informs me, which is borderline, to me. I've paid $40 for moisturizers, before, but they all were at least somewhat larger than that.)

I'll try all of this. I've already tried the Caudalie (which is why I paid enough attention to gripe about it), the Replica scent (it smells nice, in a very vintage way, which I assume is deliberate given that powdery scent), and I swatched the lipgloss gel on my wrist and it seemed interesting. (I don't like lipgloss - too sticky! - but I'm assuming that this being "gel" rather than gloss is meant to tell you this isn't just a lipgloss.) I'm not sure about the Glamglow mask because it has the word "mud" in the name and I don't like the mud masks I've tried in the past - but I'll look at it and see what I think.

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