Wednesday, November 9, 2016

NOTD: Briarwood

I'm wearing A England Briarwood:
It's a holo, but you can't really see that in this light. Here I'd say this just looks like your basic dark brown with maybe a little bit of red-tones. I can see the holo in it when I look close, but it's cloudy here today so I never got to see it light up at all. Hopefully the sun will come out later in the week while I still have this on.

I thought about mixing it up and wearing, y'know, purple or something (I have that purple China Glaze from the fall collection, that was what I was thinking of) but then again I did wear purple last week under my sugar skull decals (a much paler one, but still definitely purple) and I figure I need to wear the browns now because I know better to think I will wear them later in the winter. It's weird because I like browns, but I don't wear them often at any other time of the year. Maybe I need to shake up my habits there.

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