Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trailer Trash, Never Forget

This is Hard Candy Trailer Trash and Square Hue Never Forget:
What was I thinking when I put these two in the same picture? It's pretty much the ridiculous and the sublime, name-wise. (Or at least an attempt at the sublime, I'm not sure I'd say it was successful.) But actually the polishes are pretty similar antique-silver-foil things, although Never Forget is slightly more grayish. I don't have good notes on this but I believe that Trailer Trash is more sheer, because I know I spent a whole winter layering it over practically everything I wore, some years ago.

Hard Candy used to have a bunch of polishes with names like this, in the old days - Trailer Trash, Jailbait, Scam. I've always thought they were pretty funny, and I was sorry when the newer (less hip, more Walmart-friendly) version of Hard Candy got rid of the goofy names.

Meanwhile, more recently, Square Hue walked themselves into the name problem when they did the "Decades" collection in 2015 - the problem of what to do about the 2000s, that is. I suppose that they knew what they were gettng into. (They really were trying for the sublime and the ridiculous, though - it's a three polish set, for the 2000s - the others are Hurricane, presumably for Katrina, and... wait for it... Idol. As in American Idol, yeah. They're all silver/grays, too, so I'll be probably talking about the other two of these really shortly.) Honestly, I think doing a 9/11-themed polish was a mistake. Giant tragedies and nail polish just really shouldn't intersect, in my opinion - that pretty much goes for both Never Forget and Hurricane. Your mileage may vary, of course. (I'll just refer back to this entry when I get to Hurricane in a in a few days.)

You can't get Trailer Trash except maybe on eBay. (Hmm, it's only $13.99, actually - guess it's not that HTF.) You actually can still get Never Forget as a single bottle from Square Hue.

Added: I just noticed in this picture that this is Trailer Trash layered over what looks like black:
(the same nail is visible in the first picture above as well) - I'm pointing it out because I mentioned that I used to use this for layering, and I forgot that I had tried it while I was doing the swatching for this wheel.

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