Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sand & Stilettos, Arsenic

This is Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos and OCC Arsenic:
In case you can't read my writing on the wheel, Arsenic is the bright silver pointing right at the bottle (just below City Of Ashes, the darkest gray polish on the wheel), and Sand & Stilettos is below Arsenic. Arsenic is a straight-up bright silver glitter, where Sand & Stilettos is a silver holo with a lot of rainbow stuff going on. You can also see that S&S has a much more textured appearance on the wheel, where Arsenic comes out looking more like a metallic.

You know, the fact is, I don't love really bright silver glitters, for some reason. I've always liked silver jewelry (although I really don't wear a lot of jewelry these days) so it's not that I don't like silver. But these are just, I dunno, too flashy? (As I said with Celeb City the other day, maybe I need to try them with matte topcoats.) Sand & Stilettos in particular is already residing in the destash box, although I haven't actually gotten rid of it or anything yet.

I'm not seeing anything to indicate that either one of these polishes are still available - OCC nail polish, Five Below's "beauty" page. (As far as I know, Funky Fingers is only available at Five Below, although I could be wrong.)

Added: I was reading through a bunch of old polish swatch entries that I came across, and I realized that the polish in this entry that they call "Reject" has to be Sand & Stilettos. (Note: it's 2018 as I write this, and I still have this polish. I keep threatening to destash it, but it's still here.)

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