Thursday, November 24, 2016


Here is Nail Pattern Boldness Elderberry:
This is totally one of my favorite polishes, especially for the holidays: a mixed glitter in cool colors. It's very textured-looking without top-coat, so it's a top-coat eater. I usually feed it a couple of coats of Glitter Food.

Here's an old manicure from 2013 here (over purple). It's pretty without anything under it but I do think an undercoat gives it more pop. This is still available from NPB - and they're the makers of Glitter Food, too, so you can stock up on that in one stop, too. (This is not sponsored in any way - I didn't even think about the Glitter Food connection til I went to the website. Glitter Food is definitely a useful thing for this kind of glitter-eating polish, though. It's not cheap but it works very well.)

Added: this is one of those entries where I hit "publish" before I really meant to - or rather, I meant to set it to be posted later, and I forgot I hadn't done that. (I am incurable when it comes to stuff like that.) Anyway, here's an extra picture, just because I have it:

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