Friday, November 25, 2016


This is Revlon Chroma Chameleon Topaz:
This was a limited edition set that Revlon put out a couple of years ago, trying to cash in (presumably) on the duochrome trend. Personally, I think this was kind of a half-assed effort. I only bought this one polish from the line because they were on the expensive side (for Revlon) and I was unconvinced, and I think I was basically right on that. You can see by the differences in these two pictures (taken in basically the same light) that they do shift around some, but it's not a great difference. Also this is pretty sheer, as I remember it, although I don't seem to have made good notes (again!) about number of coats here.
(I also remember getting really indignant about this not having a name that's legible to my middle-aged eyes. But y'know, that's a relatively minor point. The name is on the bottle in little tiny print, but it's there.) Here's Vampy Varnish's pictures of some of the other colors. Here's my picture of it from 2013, complete with the little rant at the bottom about the illegible name. It is pretty, but note that I also say that that's four coats, in the picture.

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