Thursday, November 10, 2016

New makeup

I bought a little set of lip stains from Sephora, plus some Maybelline products from the grocery store. I really am on a roll of trying out different liquid lip products lately - I'm a bit behind the curve on that, as usual. Everybody else I know who's into makeup has been buying them for a year or two now.

This little set is still available on Sephora's website as of the time I'm writing this. It's only $12 so it's nicely priced, although these are very small - only about a quarter of the size of the full-size ones. But on the other hand that's actually the equivalent of a full-size one for less than the price of the full-size one (which is $14) so I guess that's still pretty reasonable if you want to try out different colors or for a gift. If you've been following my many lip purchases lately you know that I do both those things - I break these sets up and keep the ones I like the best and give the others away. (The people I give gifts to are gonna be out of luck if they like the same colors I do, I guess!)
The box didn't say what was what and there are only tiny, barely-legible numbers on the bottom of these, but what I deciphered there does seem to match up. The four colors (L-R if I've gotten this right) are 14 Blackberry Sorbet, 1 Always Red, 5 Infinite Rose (which is the peachy one), and 7 Cherry Blossom. I swatched them on my wrist and they came out fairly true to what you see here, except that the blackberry one is somewhat darker than it looks here. (I tried to take a picture but it didn't come out too well!)

The other thing I bought was Maybelline foundation and concealer, at the grocery store. They had a buy one get one 50% off coupon, and I knew I wanted to try their concealer. After some waffling about what other item to buy, I bought this "Instant Age Rewind" foundation:
 I did what I usually do, which is to buy the palest color of concealer, but not the very palest foundation. After some waffling, I bought "Buff Beige" foundation and it seems to blend pretty well. I didn't really need foundation but I was interested to see if this was anything different. (I'm not really sure it is, but it seems ok so it may end up in the little makeup kit that lives in my car. Right now I have the Mally powder foundation in that kit, and I don't really love it.)

And lastly, here's the samples that came with the Sephora purchase, all perfumes this time:
I've tried all but the "Wild Child" one, which is a one-use sort of thing so I want to save it for when I'm actually going out. I sniffed the Moschino Fresh and the Sud Pacifique and they both smelled pretty good. (I remember the Moschino fashion show where there were some looks with this theme - apparently that was Spring 2016 - but I didn't know they'd actually come out with a perfume to match it!)

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