Monday, November 7, 2016

Midnight Magic

This is CoverGirl Outlast Midnight Magic:
This is part of a whole set of multicolor glass-fleck polishes - or maybe there were a couple of sets, actually. Some of them came out in a mini "Glosstini" size first, as part of the Catching Fire movie tie-in; however, I don't think this was one of those and that post above backs me up on that. So they may have come out at different times, but there are a lot of Outlast polishes with this basic finish - see the box set down at the bottom of this post. Anyway, this particular one is apparently a near-dupe of Zoya Feifei. I don't think it looks that super-similar in the bottle, but I'll grant that it might on the nail. (Feifei is a bit more obviously blue-looking, is how I remember it.)

I know I saw these polishes - the full-sized versions, that is - marked down a good while back (in fact I think I bought a couple of other colors at the time) so I don't think they are current Outlast colors - but when I searched a bunch of shopping links popped up so I'm pretty sure you can find it on Amazon etc., if you decide you need it. And I'm pretty sure Feifei is still current if that falls through!

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