Saturday, November 19, 2016

Gibson Girl

This is Square Hue Gibson Girl:
This is another polish that I missed the first time around, for some reason. It's from the Square Hue 1900s collection, so almost two years ago now. It's a slightly-dusty pink creme. Not really my kind of thing, worn alone, but it is the kind of thing I use pretty regularly for layering - for example, under Hot Couture.

Added: I got mixed up and swatched this again when I was doing retakes, so here's another look at it (showing the front side of the bottle this time):
The lighting should have been about the same, but it does actually look slightly different - just something about the angle, I guess.

(And since I didn't say this the first time, I'll note that all Square Hue polishes are limited edition, so this is not a polish that's likely to be easy to find.)

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