Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Cent

This is Sonia Kashuk Two Cent:
There's not really much to say about this - it's a pretty, coppery shimmer. It looks (from the arrows) like the swatch pointing at the bottle is Two Cent by itself, and the swatch above that is Two Cent over Forbidden Fudge, which naturally looks a good bit darker. (Forbidden Fudge is kind of my favorite layering polish of the moment, had you noticed?) Flagstone Rush, below Two Cent, looks more orange and Two Cent looks more brown, but it's still not a full-on brown, either.

The picture I posted earlier was the very last of the pictures like this that I had stored up. I've been gradually updating my nail polish spreadsheet with a column to show what date I did the entry for each polish - and now I'm to the point where the bulk of them are done and the ones that I missed the first time around show up very easily. Most of those are top-coats and I'll try to get to those gradually, but first I went back and looked for the regular polishes that I hadn't gotten in the first pass. Last night I put The Avengers (the movie, that is) on and sat with boxes and wheels at a table and looked for the polishes still on my list and tried to match them up to my existing wheels, or did new swatches if I couldn't easily find the old ones. (I actually watched the last 45 minutes, the Chitauri War part, twice, so I worked on this for at least three hours and probably more like four, altogether. And yeah, it probably would have gone faster without the movie to distract me, but then I would have been bored and would have quit much sooner.)

So anyway, that's what I'm posting now: retakes. I don't think there's many people watching my progress through this process with bated breath - but I also notice that some of these entries are getting a fair number of hits, gradually. I'm mostly doing this for my own benefit but still it makes me happy to think it's also possibly helpful to somebody else who's googling nail polishes!

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