Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CYSBIB,* Tiramisu, Via Sant'Andrea

This is Dollish Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal (which I decided was way too long to put in the title), Sephora Collection Tiramisu, and Square Hue Via Sant'Andrea:
None of these are polishes you can still get hold of, as far as I know. In order: LE, discontinued, LE. I kind of wish I had split these up, in retrospect, but I've got a picture that's actually in focus and everything, so I'm sticking with it. CYSBIB is considerably more orange than the other two, and as you can see on the wheel, it's really shimmery. I really don't have anything else much like it. And then Tiramisu and Via Sant'Andrea are both sort of taupe-ish browns, although Tiramisu is considerably darker.

* "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" is a Firefly quote, for people who don't already know this. Here's a nice short video of that bit:
It's from the episode called "Serenity" - not the movie, which is also called Serenity. (It's the name of the ship.) This is the original pilot, as I recall, although when they aired Firefly they didn't show it first.

I bought Tiramisu about a year ago for $1, on clearance. I'm fairly sure these "Sephora Collection" minis aren't available any more, and I don't believe they've been replaced by other Sephora Collection polishes, either. (Oh, huh, there was a Rio neon collection earlier this year, which is now on clearance. I missed that completely til now. But that's the only polish on their website under the Sephora Collection name right now.)

All of the names in the 2015 Square Hue collections are street names. Each month it was a different city, and all of the ones I've checked on have turned out to be places where you shop. Via Sant'Andrea is in the Milan collection, and it seems to hold true, there, too, near as I can figure out.

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