Thursday, May 19, 2016

NOTD: F*ck and Run over Maya

I'm not censoring the name of the polish in the title. It's on the bottle just like that: F*ck and Run. It's from Nostalgic Polish; I believe the name is from a Liz Phair song. The polish is a shimmery & sheer coral-leaning red. I layered it over Zoya Maya as an experiment, and it was a successful experiment. I quite like the results.
There is some visible nail line, but eh. The sequence here is actually base coat (Chick base coat, because it was what I happened to pick up), then a coat of F&R, because I was thinking I would try it by itself. But it's awfully sheer and I think it would have taken many coats to get even tolerably opaque - so then I thought of Maya, which is a paler creamy polish in this same coral range. So I did a coat of Maya and then two more of F&R. And then Seche. And then actually this morning I added another coat of F&R. So there's, what, four coats of F&R altogether, plus one of Maya, plus base and top-coat. That's a lot of coats. But it came out with this sort of pearlized coral finish that I do really like.

(oh - first picture with the new phone! I'm not sure it's magically better in this particular shot, but I definitely do think it's a great improvement, both over my poor iPhone 4 and also over my late and lamented 10-year-old Canon.)

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