Friday, May 20, 2016

Raspberry Rush, Magenta

So here we have Color Club Raspberry Rush, and AbsoluteNY Magenta:
These colors are so bright it's a bit hard to be sure what you're looking at. But I think Raspberry Rush is noticeably brighter than Magenta. They're both cremes, but Raspberry Rush is scented - in fact it's from the same collection (I think it was called "Wicked Sweet") as the grape one which I talked about in the destash post a few days ago, the one that had faded so badly. Either this one was immune to that or I did a better job of keeping it in the shade, because it clearly has not faded a bit.

Magenta, here, appears a bit streaky, but I bought this as a set of polishes and they all have pretty nice formulas, if maybe a bit on the watery side. Absolute New York is a brand that I have otherwise never heard of - the only thing I know about it is that it's the same company that makes Nicka K New York which I had heard of, although it's pretty obscure as well. (HEB carried Nicka K for a while, although I haven't seen it lately.)

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