Friday, May 6, 2016

Girls On Film, Your Present Required + Shelby

Here we have Nostalgic Lacquer Girls On Film and China Glaze Your Present Required layered over Zoya Shelby. For some reason when I took these pictures I was skipping around on the wheel. Your Present Required (over Shelby) is the one pointing directly at the bottle of polish. Girls On Film is two below that, the purple and pink speckled one.
Neither of these polishes (not counting Shelby) are anything you can get hold of easily, to my knowledge. Girls On Film was part of an 80s set, as I recall, and it's from Nostalgic Lacquer, which to my knowledge is out of business. (I liked them a lot; I'd be glad to find out I was wrong, but I haven't seen anything from them in ages.) Your Present Required was a China Glaze holiday polish, basically a mix of glitters. (There are good pictures of it at the bottom of this entry.) Added: I'm not sure this is entirely clear from looking at the bottle, but I put Your Present Required here because it had what looked like pink glitter in the mix. Although it might actually be pale purple, it's hard to tell.

Girls On Film is one of those speckled crelly-type polishes that I don't really seem to wear much - why do I never think of these at Easter? (If I remember by the time I get home, I might put this on next, since my current mani is toast.) Also note that this is at least three coats on the nail wheel, or maybe four. I don't seem to have recorded that, but it is very sheer and the glitter is pretty scattered, so it takes at least three coats to get to the point pictured here.

Full disclosure: Your Present Required is a polish I received free in a giveaway. (It was a very generous giveaway - those polishes in the blog entry I linked above? I got all of those, and more - the whole collection of 13.)

Re YPR, from here: a mix of colors and sizes of glitter, but blue, purple & silver predominate. Does best with an undercoat, since it has a clear base and doesn't go on in a way that you can easily build to opaqueness. (S&L swatches)

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