Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pyro Pink, Stuck In The Middle (and a rant)

This is Cover Girl Pyro Pink and Pretty Serious Stuck In The Middle:
I went on a bit of a rant about the first of these polishes and that's below (I didn't know I still felt so strongly about that issue!) but anyway, Pyro Pink is sort of a rosy-pink microglitter with a lot of sparkle - it was originally a tie-in with Catching Fire, thus the name. Stuck In The Middle is awesome - it's jelly and glass-flecked and iridescent. (It's a collab with @thepolishhaven on Instagram - it's still available here.) This is supposedly the red-violet wheel we're on, here, but you can see that Pyro Pink is much more of a neutral pink, where Stuck In The Middle is more in line with the rest of the wheel.

I have another bottle of Pyro Pink in what most people would call a mini and Cover Girl calls a "Glosstini" (huh, they are apparently still current - or at least still on Cover Girl's website - but I'm pretty sure the bigger sizes have been discontinued). The Glosstinis are extremely small bottles - I'm not going to do the math again but they retail for $3.79 or so, says, and they are only 0.11 oz - about half the size of an average mini, actually, and I did the math one time and if you figure it per ounce it comes out in Lippmann territory, more or less. You can eyeball it by multiplying by 10 - we're talking $40 an ounce or something approaching that. Oops, I didn't mean to go on another rant about this but let's just say that the regular Outlast sizes are a much better bargain if you can find them. (I think it's misleading, is my main gripe - the bottles don't look as small as they actually are. But if they're still selling them then presumably nobody is complaining too vociferously.) (I will have to go back and take a picture of the two bottles next to each other, if I can remember to do it.)

Added: Since I bothered to go off about this (it's a pet peeve, can you tell?) I did go find two bottles and take a picture:
I just grabbed what was handy. Both of these are the Catching Fire tie-in colors, and I liked both of these enough that I bought them in both sizes. The Outlast bottle, the large size, is only 11 ml (for reference, the "standard" bottle size is 15 ml or half an ounce, 0.5 oz) - and I actually have no problem with that, I rarely use up a full-size bottle of anything anyway so I don't mind a somewhat smaller bottle. But the Glosstinis are less than a third of that, I think it says 3.5 ml although you can't really read it here. In ounces it's 0.37 for the regular size and 0.11 for the Glosstini.

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