Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Bouquet With Me, Harlow

This is Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me and Zoya Matte Velvet in Harlow:
I mentioned Harlow in passing when I was talking about Kieko, because their base colors look really similar. The Harlow swatch has Seche Vite on the tip, but its natural state is what you see on the bottom portion of the nail, the matte portion. Kieko is a creme, where Harlow has shimmer in it which doesn't usually show up that much if you leave it matte.

(Added: better picture of Harlow, here.)

Note that neither one of these polishes are things you're likely to be able to get hold of easily. Zoya usually re-releases some of the Matte Velvets at the holidays, but I don't think it's necessarily all the colors. And Sephora by OPI is long gone, of course. It's Bouquet With Me may have been part of a line called Jewelry Top Coats, which were glitters in a clear base. Like every other pale purple, it's likely to be read as pink. It's super-pretty, though - it's one of those things that I look at and wonder why I never remember to wear it.

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