Sunday, February 19, 2017


Here is Zoya Harlow, one of Zoya's Matte Velvet colors:
This is a plummy red-violet. (Scrangie called this mauve, but to me this isn't dusty enough to be mauve.) For comparison, here is Peachy Polish's swatch post also, where you can see the shimmer in it really well. Like a lot of people, I usually end up wearing the matte velvets with top-coat, mostly because it brings out the shimmer. Some of them have silver shimmer and some have tonal, but this one seems to have both.

The original Matte Velvet set of six, including Harlow, came out in 2009, and various parts of it have been re-released in subsequent years, generally around the holidays. It's not a current color but it might be findable at Amazon etc. There was also a newer set of six that was released in 2015 (and re-released this past fall) and those are still showing up on Zoya's website if you're just interested in trying out a Matte Velvet. I didn't buy any of the new set since I have most of the older ones and the colors in the new set didn't particularly seem to be screaming my name or anything - but my impression is that they're a similar formula, just different shades.

(Added: this was in my 2015 top 10.)

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