Friday, February 10, 2017

January 2016 (the 9-0 way)

This is Nine Zero January 2016:
In case you don't know about these already, Jess (aka jessFACE90 from YouTube) did a set of these last year, one polish a month with no name other than the month and the year. (Naming polishes must be kind of a bear and it's kind of cool to see somebody do polishes with bare-bones names, occasionally!) I resisted these until the year was over, but then everybody talked about them so much I decided I wanted to try one while they're still available, and I looked at all of them and decided to go with my reliable favorite berry color. They all have the same formula as I understand it - kind of a hybrid holo/holo glitter thing, I think? It's hard to see what all is going on in there. I haven't worn this yet (mostly because I'm saving it for V-Day) but it looks really pretty, and I'll surely have more to say about it once I've worn it.

All 12 of them appear to be available, as of early Friday when I wrote this. I imagine that's a "while they last" kind of thing, though.

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