Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ignite + More Stuff I Don't Need

Here is Formula X Ignite:
I talked about this the other day, and here's my previous post-with-swatch (in which I don't really say much at all). Maybe I should go reswatch the mini and compare them all, because this looks much different. Darker than Sephora's picture, and also darker on the nail than that original swatch, and lighter in the bottle - although it was in shadow there so that part makes more sense. If I remember to do that later I'll report back. (Added: I did swatch and compare, and the two swatches looked exactly alike, the one from the bottle above and the one from the mini - as they should. It's Sephora's picture that doesn't look much like the actual polish.)

The other nail thing I bought was a mistake, but I decided to keep it anyway. I intended to order a backup NailsInc base-coat (the Superfood one, which is all I've been using lately), but I screwed up and somehow ordered top-coat instead. I eventually decided just to keep it; I'll use it, I'm sure. I had a mini of it and liked it. (I looked to see if NailsInc had a matte top-coat, because that's what I've been using the most of, but I didn't see one on Sephora's website.)

And then I have been on a tear about scented candles, so I bought a Nest Candle while I was ordering. It's beautiful and man, it smells wonderful:
I didn't pry the candle out of its wrapping to take a picture of it, but the votive is decorated with the same print that's on the box. The only problem is that Birchwood Pine smells totally like a Christmas scent - and I'm pretty sure of this by now because I keep opening it up to clandestinely sniff occasionally. (Is that weird?) Basically, it smells like that Mrs Meyers pine scent that I always look for around the holidays, but even better. I'm not sure if I'll break down and go ahead and use it now, or wait until next Christmas. I'm old enough now that time flies, and 10 months doesn't really seem like all that long to wait. (And I'm barely postmenopausal. Does it go even faster later, or does it slow down again? I suspect the former.)

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