Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pearly Whites

This is Triple Shine Pearly Whites:
This is a shard-type flakie in a milky base, #14 on the wheel. You can't see the two here to compare, but looking at the wheel, I noticed that the colors look pretty much identical to the polish I showed last, Fairy Snot. My guess is that they're the same type of base, just cut into different-size pieces. I've mostly ignored this polish since I bought it (on clearance at a K-Mart, as you can see). I need to put it over something dark and give it a full-fledged try, because the colors in it are really prettier than I gave it credit for.

Triple Shine was a Sally Hansen polish line, but I'm pretty sure it's discontinued. Sally Hansen seems to switch lines around a lot - Color Therapy and Miracle Gel in; Triple Shine and Diamond Strength out. (You can see that it's not on the list here.)

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