Monday, February 6, 2017


Here's Zoya Jem, which for some reason I missed in the first round of these swatch posts last summer:
Zoya describes it as "a dark, red-toned purple with subtle gold and fuschia flecks. A bold, vampy shade that has just the right amount of sparkle!" And I think that description is pretty much spot-on.

It's one of the earlier Zoyas I bought, I think, Jem came out in fall 2011 (in the Mirrors collection) and my records say I bought it in 2012. I remember people really going on about how wonderful it was, and I think my records are probably right in that I didn't buy it right away. (When I say "my records" I mostly mean my spreadsheet, which I didn't start until later, I'm pretty sure. The further back you go the more I was guessing, but it's really 2010 and before where it's shakiest.) Anyway, once I finally bought it I fully agreed with the chorus that it's awesome. It's dark enough that you can't always see that underlying purple, though - for example, I found this post from 2012 where I refer to it as a burgundy. (Which isn't all that far off, actually.)

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