Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Wanna Be A Part Of It

This is Ever After I Want To Wanna Be A Part Of It, which is an LE polish:
This is a pale-purple (would you call it lilac? I'm never sure) almost-metallic with a lot of little flakie shards floating around in it. I did a NOTD entry for this polish but apparently I either forgot to take a bottle-and-wheel picture, or lost the one I took, because I don't seem to have posted it. (And then I had trouble finding this version of the picture because I titled it Ever After, which is the name of the indie polish company, not the polish. I'm frankly trying not to focus on the polish name because it's (a) awfully long and (b) gives me a horrible earworm.)

This is a PolishCon polish, which means it's meant to be very limited edition. I've never bought anything from Ever After before, but it was already on my indie polish list so I'd run across it before somewhere along the line. (I'm now eyeing You Had Me At Merlot. And also that Nine Zero which is on the PolishCon page this week. And I already ordered that limited edition Kathleen Lights polish (here) so I have no business buying anything else right now.)

Note the spelling here; I keep wanting to spell it the other ("correct") way.

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