Friday, February 3, 2017

The Necromancer (swatch + NOTD)

This is Femme Fatale The Necromancer:
This is my first Femme Fatale polish. I've known of their existence for at least a couple of years, I think, but they're Australian and so they've mostly been hard to get your hands on here in the US. But now Live Love Polish has a selection of their polishes and I've gotten the impression they're selling really well. I don't pay $13.50 for a polish all that often but this one looked interesting and I decided to give it a go. Their description:
The Necromancer is a magenta jelly polish with small red holographic hexes, iridescent red flakes, and blue shimmer.
So there's a lot going on there - which if you know me, you know is something I do really like. And I wore it and well, I do really like it. I did matte it down, though, I have to say. Although it was really pretty the normal way as well, I was tempted. (Closer to Valentine's Day I'm probably more likely to give in to the full-on glitter.)
As usual, very imperfect work. However, thanks to that, on my ring finger you can see the layers especially well. (I think this was three coats, with Superfood underneath and Matte Me Crazy on top.)

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