Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wave g'bye to Formula X

I saw somebody say (probably on YouTube, because I watched a bunch of semi-random nail videos last night) that Sephora was closing out Formula X. I remember thinking back before Christmas that a lot of stuff seemed to be marked down, but I never remembered to check back in January and see what was going on, and now there's not much left. However, one of the few things that is left is a polish I really liked, and so I thought I'd mention it while it was still there.

It's Ignite:
I have a mini of it that I got from Ipsy, and I remember saying, "Oh gee, another red," but this is a really awesome red, and now that it's $5 I decided I ought to finally get myself a backup. I've said it before: almost every Formula X I have I bought marked down. They're perfectly good polishes, but they've just never quite been $12.50 worth of extraordinary. However, this one... I'm not even sure what's so magical about it, but something is. It's a little darker than your average red and I think maybe it's got a little pearlescence to it or something. Beauty Geeks likes it too.

There's another, darker red, and maybe a glitter and a couple of nail-care items - like I said, not much left, at least on the website. Maybe some stores have more, I don't know. And I wonder if they're going to have another, different house brand - maybe go all in on Sephora Collection, which they've never really done - or if they're just going to sell other people's polish now.

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