Monday, February 13, 2017

Marc Jacobs Enamored

You know how I kept saying I'd been buying too much stuff, lately? I think I've posted all the rest of it, and this is the last of the nail polish binge. I hope I can restrain myself for a while after this. But Marc Jacobs' website had a 50% off sale on polish (which was still going on when I wrote this, but now appears to be over). I almost talked myself into buying enough to get free shipping (which was $50, I believe) but sanity prevailed and I only bought two polishes in the end.

As is usually the case with high-end stuff, it came extremely well-packaged:

These are the shiniest boxes (short of actually being chrome or something) that I ever remember seeing. You can see the reflection of the bubble-wrap in them.

"Enamored" is the name for the whole polish line, apparently. Here's the polishes I bought:

And here's the back side of the box, which has a little window where you can see the polishes:
Oui! is on the left, the pinky-purple one, and Petra is the metallic.

The cap on the bottle is just as shiny as the box. Here you can see my ceiling fan, my phone, and - I think - an extremely distorted reflection of me.

As you might guess, the big cap comes off and there's a more standard cap underneath. I actually really like this bottle shape - it's easy to hold. And in case you missed it on the box above, it's 13ml (or 0.43 oz.), so a reasonable size.

Anyway, I do really like these polishes. I was going to save the swatches for later, but I do have to show you this much: Petra is actually really similar to Lancome Hotel Particuliere:
This is only one coat of Petra, I think with two it would probably look even more similar. I do really like HP, though, and I had complained about how small the bottle was, so now I have a backup of sorts! (I don't think they're actually dead dupes - but they seem awfully close.)

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