Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pitter Patter, Prince Street

This is Butter London Pitter Patter, and NYC In a Minute in Prince Street:
I said we were done with the redder purples, but naturally there are some strays - actually Pitter Patter looks almost wine-colored next to Prince Street, which is bluer. (If you put it next to a true wine-color, it would look very purple, though. See here for evidence of its purple-ness.) Pitter Patter was a special release for the birth of Prince George, and unlike some of BL's other LEs which have gotten re-releases, to my knowledge this one was a true LE and hasn't been seen again since.

Prince Street was a polish that I bought because I had a 50-cents off coupon at CVS, so I figured what better use than on a 99-cent polish? (This is the nail where there's the big smear on the wheel and you can't really read the name too well. I inevitably do this at least once when I do a lot of swatching. I usually figure it's better to just leave it a bit messy than to try to take it off and make it worse in the process.) Anyway, this is a nice medium purple, slightly on the blue-leaning side, slightly sheer (although whatever info I had about how many coats this is is under the smear). It's a purple like many other purples, basically, but then again the price is fabulous.

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