Saturday, June 11, 2016

Evil Queen, Vice

Is purple associated with evil? These two names sure seem like it. This is Essence Evil Queen (apparently from a Snow White collection) and Urban Decay Vice:
On the other hand, Urban Decay just loves Vice, apparently (it goes well with the whole theme of the brand, I suppose) - they have Vice lipstick and I think there were Vice palettes at one point too, weren't there? I don't wear enough eyeshadow to fool with palettes but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing one, or maybe more than one. (Yup.) I mentioned Vice-the-polish back a couple of entries ago - it's a darker purple, but pretty shimmer-packed, and the overall effect is not as dark as some of my other purples. It leans somewhat red-violet.

And today you get two pictures for the price of one, because I swatched Evil Queen twice. This second one is over KBShimmer Witch Way:
Evil Queen is just a large glitter in a mix of violet-ish shades - a bit blue-leaning, but not overwhelmingly. The base might be just slightly purple-tinted (at least, I think maybe I see that when I squint at the top picture) but if so it's extremely pale. Witch Way matches this very well, but this has to be one coat (of Witch Way), because I'm pretty sure it gets much darker with more coats. I think this would look really well over one of these dark shades, as well. Witch Way by itself is somewhere on this same wheel, so it should be coming up soon.

Oh, and I suspect both of these polishes are discontinued. Urban Decay doesn't even have nail polish listed as an option any more - and actually, they used to say that all of their polishes were LE, but I think all that meant was that they only did one production run of each, because I remember Vice staying around for a while - and I'm guessing this Essence line was also LE in the first place. (It looks like it was a Snow White & the Huntsman tie-in.)

Added, from here:
BIG purple glitter in a clear base - there's a picture here (if you scroll down a ways) over a dark purple - definitely not intended to be worn on its own

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