Friday, June 10, 2016

Victorian End, Empty Stocking

This is Square Hue Victorian End (from the 1900s collection) and Ulta Empty Stocking (from a "Wicked Wonderland" set of minis):
Both of these are really nice dark purples. Victorian End is a little on the dusty side, and it looks like it leans a bit on the red side, as well. Empty Stocking is the one that says "Ulta" on the wheel, because the name on the bottle is tiny and in black print and it's utterly illegible against the dark polish - I had to go back later and reason out what the actual name of the polish was. It's very dark and I think maybe it leans a little blue, but it's so dark it's hard to be sure. (Compare to Vice, above these two - Empty Stocking looks darker and Vice looks a bit redder.)

Added: If you're curious about how I figured out what the polish name was, it was process of elimination. It's on my Stash by brand list; I think the original packaging had the names listed, but I also remember being able to read these names back a few years ago - at least when the light was good. I still can, off and on, but it's getting harder. But N-evergreen is of course the green, and Bad Santa is the red (I still love that name), and Tilted Halo and Twisted Tinsel are presumably the gold and silver, respectively. So that only leaves Empty Stocking. (I'm not real sure why an empty stocking is purple - because it's dark, I guess? Sometimes people who name polishes are really reaching. - It can't be an easy thing to do.)

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